About Illinois Joining Forces

What is Illinois Joining Forces (IJF)?

IJF is a statewide network of military and veteran serving organizations collaborating to improve the lives of Service Members, Veterans, and their Families across the state of Illinois.

Illinois Joining Forces efficiently connects the SMVF community with the most appropriate resource organization to meet their unique needs.

What are Veteran Support Communities (VSCs)?

Veteran Support Communities (VSCs) are a collaboration of veteran and community service providers connecting with one another to coordinate care for Service Members, Veterans, and their Families in their community. Their main goal is to share resources and best practices in an effort to provide best in class services to veterans and their families.

For more information and a list of IJF’s current VSCs, check out the VSC tab!

What are Task Forces?

IJF has identified 7 of the most pressing issues facing veterans in Illinois. Each Task Force is led by an expert leader in their field. The Task Forces will promote policy and strive to be the gold standard for service in their field.

IJF’s seven Task Forces: 

  • Careers: Education & Employment
  • Women Veterans
  • Health and Wellness: Behavioral Health, Healthcare, and Spiritual Needs
  • Families and Survivors
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Material Needs: Financial Literacy, Benefits & Emergency Assistance, Legal Support
  • Veteran Programs: Volunteering & Sports and Recreation

For more information about each Task Force, check out their individual pages! 

What Makes IJF Different?

Trying to find the specific organization that can help you or your family can be overwhelming. When you contact IJF’s Coordination Center or visit one of our Veteran Support Communities you will be instantly connected to one of our trained Coordination Center specialists. Even if they can’t solve your assistance requests right away, they will work diligently until they can fulfill your request.

Is My Information Safe?

Yes. The technology we use is fully secure and compliant to ensure any information is encrypted.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are a service member, veteran, or family member seeking assistance, please visit the IJF website and the request assistance tab to fill out our form. One of our Coordination Center specialists will get in touch with you right away.

If you do not have access to the website or online resources, please call 866-236-7702 to speak directly to an IJF Coordination Center Specialist.

How is IJF Funded?

IJF very much appreciates our sponsors who provide grants for the work we do. Our primary sponsors include The McCormick Foundation, The Boeing Company, BBMC, and GPD Charitable Trust.

Can I Donate to IJF?

Yes. Please email info@illinoisjoiningforces.org for more information.

We appreciate all of your generous donations!