Illinois Joining Forces


IJF supports Service Members, Veterans, and their Families remaining on sustainable Growth cycles. Growth is obtained by securing an Education that leads to a fulfilling Career path, Financial Stability, and long-term Housing.

Growth with IJF

The Growth track includes any assistance requests in the categories of Education, Employment, Financial Literacy and Housing.

Get Assistance


Education is the foundation for creating a sustainable future for you and your family. Navigating your educational benefits can be a challenge. Utilize IJF’s Veteran Support Communities, Coordination Center, and Task Forces to assist you in answering your questions.

Financial Management

Financial freedom and long-term saving is an essential part of the growth model to lead to sustainable economic stability. IJF’s network of trained specialists will direct you towards information, classes, and programs that will assist you in achieving financial security.


Employment assistance is one of our most in-demand Coordination Center requests. Whether you are looking for employment or job support, our trained specialists make sure that they are helping you secure a career path that is valuable, engaging, and rewarding.


Securing long-term housing is a crucial aspect of building a sustainable future. IJF’s network will make sure that you are being assisted by experts in the housing benefits, real estate, and home loan fields.