Illinois Joining Forces


IJF supports Service Members, Veterans, and their Families to triage crisis in the short-term while preparing them to plan for their long-term success. With the help of Veteran Support Communities (VSCs), IJF’s Coordination Center, and Task Forces your assistance requests will be managed efficiently and effectively. No one "finishes" the Wellness track. For sustainable growth, wellness must be continually maintained and practiced.

Wellness with IJF

The Wellness track includes any assistance requests in the categories of Health and Wellness (healthcare and behavioral health), Homelessness, Benefits and Emergency Assistance, Financial Literacy, Legal Support, and Families and Survivors.

Healthcare and Behavioral Health

Your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is imperative to achieving long-term growth. IJF’s network across the state will assist you in navigating your healthcare options, including finding the right behavioral health organization. Health and wellness is a key component in living a meaningful life.

Benefits & Emergency Assistance

Requests for Benefits and Emergency Assistance include questions and problems related to your military and veteran benefits, material needs, rent and utility payments, and recent unemployment status. IJF’s network has experts in all of these issues to make sure your request is handled.

Financial Literacy

IJF strives to connect you with resources that assist in solving financial problems including debt, short-term saving, and personal banking. The goal of the Financial Literacy Task Force on the Wellness track is to direct you to programs that will fulfill your immediate monetary needs, with the long-term objective of economic independence.


Finding a short-term housing solution is a crucial step towards creating a sustainable future for you and your family. IJF’s Veteran Support Communities, Coordination Center, and Task Forces will fulfill your immediate needs with the ultimate goal of establishing long-term housing.

Families & Survivors

IJF’s assistance extends to families and survivors. If you are looking for resources for your family, if your a family member wanting to find assistance, or if you are a survivor of a fallen service member our experts will aid you in navigating your benefits.

Legal Support

IJF’s network of legal support experts provides assistance to you in personal and professional matters, as well as discharge status upgrades. All services are provided with professionalism, minimal stress, and little to no legal fees. The IJF network is here to make sure that you are able to continue to live your normal day-to-day life by finding organizations that can help you close to home.