Recap: IJF Reboot Summit 2015

Written by: Megan Hammond, Senior Communications Specialist at National Able Network

Illinois Joining Forces: Re-Boot Summit 2015

On Thursday, Dec. 10, Illinois Joining Forces (IJF) hosted its 2015 Re-Boot Summit for a group of organizations and individuals that contribute to veterans philanthropy throughout Illinois. The Re-Boot Summit was appropriately held at the Union League Club of Chicago which is where IJF was founded in 2012.


Since its formation three years ago, the mission of IJF remains the same: Collaborating in person and online to help service members, veterans, and their families identify and marshal resources and services available to them throughout the state. IJF is a community of veterans service organizations that provide a multitude of services including housing, healthcare, employment, legal, financial, spouse and family support and more!


Throughout the Re-Boot Summit, there was a lot of discussion around veteran services organizations’ camaraderie and thoughts and ideas about what they can do to better serve the ever-changing landscape of Illinois’s veteran population and their families. Another main theme of the summit was the idea of “re-booting.” IJF recently re-booted its entire website to make it more comprehensive and easy-to-use for both organizations and veterans which will be fully launched by next week. IJF has also re-booted its approach to serving veterans by acknowledging goals of member organizations, determining the on-going needs of veterans and their families, developing new partnerships, collaborating with public partners, and expanding their outreach throughout Illinois!


To learn more about IJF’s services for veterans, please click here to visit their new website!


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