Behavioral Health

By November 20, 2015

The Behavioral Health Working Group (BHWG) is a broad network of organizations working to fulfill a vision where Service Members, Veterans and their Families will be empowered through an alliance of partnerships, resources, increased access, and choice to enjoy satisfying and fulfilling lives in their communities.

Working Group Chair

Tom Miller, Illinois Division of Mental Health

Working Group Subcommittees

The BHWG has identified priorities, and established subcommittees to focus on the following areas.

Closing the Services Gap and Suicide Prevention

Helps insure access to needed services by reducing barriers through relationship building and public health messaging. Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention are a particular focus to help prevent suicide through an increase in the awareness and understanding of the causes and prevention of suicide.

Recreation and Wellness

Supports the integration of services that support health and wellbeing.

Education and Training

Builds awareness and services capacity through the education of the provider community on the challenges of the deployment cycle, and the residual effects of military service. The BHWG has trained hundreds of providers and is working to establish a statewide referral network of veteran and military friendly providers.

Needs Assessment

Is creating and mapping a statewide inventory of services to analyze and identify service gaps.


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