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By November 20, 2015

Currently, the Legal Support Working Group is developing a Military/Veteran 101 Training Sessions for the Civil/Criminal Justice Community. Through these trainings, the statewide legal community will be better prepared to offer informed services for veterans and service members in need of assistance.

  • In addition, the members of this group are working to establish a statewide network of attorneys to provide consultation for every veteran who has a legal question or need. The Working Group intends to network together attorneys and legal organizations with expertise in representing military-connected clients to stand ready for referrals.

Finally, the Legal Support Working Group aims to expand Veterans Treatment Courts (VTC) in strategically identified jurisdictions across the state.  The goal is to keep veterans with mental health challenges out of the traditional justice system, and instead give them treatment and tools for coping with their challenges.

Working Group Chair

Jason Vail, American Bar Association

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